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The school was not contributing to your well being. In the class one disciplinarian (Thai national) to keep watch over the students and punish them and one foreign teacher to teach. Every child in the class hated the disciplinarian and you too. Thirty students in one class, so one student could eventually get two minutes of attention per hour. Sitting sixty minutes for just two minutes of attention, that is torture, very stupid and a very bad deal. It was an international school but Thai kids spoke in Thai with each others and Chinese kids spoke Chinese. English was kept as a secondary language, a foreign language. You wanted to be vegan because you understood the suffering the animals have to endure and they bullied you, even the teachers bullied you. So, homeschooling was the best option. You discovered the world of books, the most marvellous books and the great dictionaries. Not the dictionaries for children, but the real complete edition.

Now who will take you to the concentration camp of Mauthausen to see the violence that humans gave to other human, who will take to the Bosporus to see where Europe and Asia meet.