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No one had the right to tell you how you feel.

You, you only, know how you feel.

No one has the right to tell you “You are wrong”. (Maybe when you did hurt someone, but why do they want to hurt you back then?). If you feel like a boy or you feel like a girl or anything else, like a river, like the sky, like a dancer, like a fish, like a small one, this is nobody business. Psychologists, social workers, teachers, friends have no rights to make you speak, to force you to speak, if friends try that, they are not your friends. If you want to speak, this is your freedom, your business. If you do not want to speak, this is your freedom too, your business. What people think about you has nothing to do with you.

It is just their shit.

For example, they say such and such is not a good woman, they have no proof, they do not know her, they should rather shut it up. They may say to you “You are like this” or “You are like that”, do not believe them, they do not know you. They should shut up. You decide who you are. And if you do not know what or who you are, that’s all right. You did not ask them for help. And when you ask them for help, they did not help. Now maybe they say they want to help. Do not believe those lies. They only want you to do what they want. They do not let you do what you want. If they let you do what you want, then they are humans, if they do not let do what you want, they are not humans.
Take care of yourself.