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Mini man

One day, the one who is wrongly called “the child”, this human being I will call him Z. On that day, Z told me that he did not feel like a “child” at all, never felt like that, but as a complete man but miniature, smaller in size and was always treated in a disrespectful way by everyone and that only me treated him in an equal way, in a decent way, with respect, as an equal. Nobody else had ever done that to him before aside his grandmother, when sharing mangoes and doing other things.
There, I understood everything, all of a sudden, I knew it already, but not before Z told me (if I can write like that). It reminded me of my own childhood and how it all happen to me. Now Z leaves in a cage, in a child cage where people tells him all what he should do and what he should not do., what he should think and what he should no think.