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Kindness you know what it is already.

You do remember who was kind with you.

I will try to write a bit about it. I do not like to force anyone to do what they do not want to to. I cannot force someone to speak with me, to answer my questions. I want to keep them space and time. They do not have to live here or there, they can decide where they want to stay, with whom, in which countries. They can sleep if they want to sleep. They can chose the food they want to eat, they can keep silence if they want stay silence. I want to cry if I hurt someone. I do not wish to kill anything, animals, cut a tree. When people hurt us, we may feel sad and we get angry. They made us angry because they are violent with us, they use force. If they do not use force, if they do not lie, we can be relaxed. They give orders and we have no space to be. We are upset, this is not wrong to be upset, it is because we care to be respected. We have pain because they are cheating, lying, telling negative things about us, about the people we love, about people who love us. They are not kind. They tell us to be kind but they are not kind. If I am kind I give freedom to others, I do not keep them as slaves. I let them think by themselves, freely. They can dress the way the feel, keep they hair long if they wish to.