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Toshio Tanahashi

Our beloved master Toshio Tanahashi is waiting for our return. We will go to see him again in Okinawa in Japan.
We loved the vegetables, we loved the food, we loved everything.
Toshio Tanahashi says: “When I visit any country, the first thing I do is go to market to say hello to the vegetables. It’s very important. More important than meeting people.”
You and me wish him and his wife to be healthy, to live long.

Toshio Tanahashi also says: “Shojin cooking is a meditation. There’s no stress in my kitchen. I use no machines, no microwaves, no mixers. I want to live a slow life. To peel the vegetables and learn what they have to teach us. I don’t cut the vegetables in a way that’s too strong. If you use electric machines, it makes the vegetables stressed. If you don’t eat well you get sick. The best thing you can do for your life is know vegetables and listen to their voices. Cook for yourself, eat healthy food, by which I mean don’t buy anything ready-made. And buy locally. Shojin is about treating the body beautifully. It’s better for the environment, and it’s better for you. The morning after you eat shojin cuisine will be like receiving a huge gift. I promise.”