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You are not forgotten.

When I was 11 or 12 studying Latin in a school, I had a great bracelet and was playing a lot with it during the class. The teacher punish me and took it away from me. He said he was going to give it back to me at the end of the term before the holydays. At the end of the term, I went to him and he told me it was not there anymore, he did not care.
The bracelet was done with elephant hairs, the hairs of the tail, I think they loses those hairs some time, well I hope so, I hope no one was hurt. I received it from someone that travelled to India, it had a lot of meaning for me, I felt very good when I wore it.
I thing it is the first time I had a dislike for someone, until then I had lived mostly quietly, no one ever stole something from me.
I thing I am still unhappy about it.
I want my bracelet back.