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The gift of protection from fear (Dharma)

The gift of fearlessness means guarding others’ lives,
Releasing them from danger, bringing them to places of relief.

This means to protect the lives of those who are imprisoned or are being punished and tortured. It means to protect wild animals that are being chased by hunters, or cattle and sheep destined for the slaughterhouse, and to help people who are endangered by disease and evil forces. It also means to train one’s mind in the aspiration actually to liberate all beings from the endless sufferings of samsara – the source of constant fear – and to bring them to the perfect ease of nirvana.

Jigme Lingpa, Kangyur Rinpoche. Treasury of Precious Qualities

This was very important for me, to give you this protection. I am very sorry that I can not give you the gift of protection from fear now.