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Finding peace?

The Four Immeasurables Prayer

Sanskrit (transliteration):
Sarve satvāḥ sūkhaiścaiva yuktāḥ syuḥ sūkhakāraṇaiḥ ।
Bhavantu satataṃ muktā duḥkhācca duḥkhakāraṇāt ।
Kadāpi vaṃcitā na syurduḥkhahīna mahāsukhāt ।
Dūrādūra dveṣarāga muktopekśāsthitā hi syuḥ ।।

May all beings be happy and have the cause of happiness;
May they be free of suffering and the cause of suffering;
May they never be parted from happiness without suffering;
May they dwell in equanimity without attachment and hatred to those near and far.